Wood Elf Teams

For Wood Elves the Long pass is everything, even more so than their High Elf cousins, and all of their effort goes into being an expert at throwing or receiving. No Wood Elf worth his salt is going to be weighed down by extra Armour and be forced to lurk about, attempting to knock opposing players over. Instead they rely on their natural athletic ability to keep them out of trouble, which is normally enough – it takes a very agile or lucky opponent to lay a hand on a Wood Elf!

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-2Catcher90k822+4+8+Catch, DodgeAGPS
0-2Wardancer125k832+4+8+Block, Dodge, LeapAGPS
0-1Loren Forest Treeman120k265+5+11+Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team MateSAG
0-8ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesElven Kingdoms League

Wood Elf Team Overview: #

Wood elves are the second fastest race in the game, combine that with their elven agility they are very good at moving the ball about the pitch. All the players can be a potential scoring threat and this is what makes them a dangerous opponent. They are also the only elven team that has access to a big guy player.

Of course it isn’t all good and the wood elf players tend to be quite fragile. They have low armour and their starting skills and stats are more orientated towards the ball rather than hitting the other team. The Treeman does a good job of soaking up some of the pressure and the players are agile enough to run away if needed. Their players are expensive however and you need to be careful with protecting them on the pitch. They also posses one of the best players in the game which is the Wardancer. The Wardancer comes with great starting skills and as a result they have a big target on them for the opposition.

As a beginner team their speed and agility can help get out of bad spots when it comes to handling the ball and scoring. However their high cost and fragility can leave you with few players left to use which can make it really tough to play. I would say that perhaps they aren’t the best team to start out with becuase of this.

Wood Elf Team Strengths: #

  • Fast
  • Agile
  • Wardancers

Wood Elf Team Weaknesses: #

  • Expensive
  • Fragile

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