Necromantic Horror Teams

The damned and the cursed do not always lurk in the forests or in the graveyards of the Old World. Sometimes they come together, forming a group to hunt those more fortunate of souls. Finding relief in crazed outbursts of terrible violence, these groups do the best they can to ease their suffering – they pop off for a nice game of Blood Bowl.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-2Wraith95k633+9+Block, Foul Appearance, No Hands, Regeneration, Side StepGSA
0-2Werewolf125k833+4+9+Claws, Frenzy, RegenerationAGPS
0-2Flesh Golem115k444+10+Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick SkullGSA
0-8ReRolls70kApothecary: No
Special RulesMasters of Undeath, Sylvanian Spotlight

Necromantic Horror Team Overview: #

Engarde pasaulis
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Necromantic are the less strong more speedy version of the Undead team. They have immoveable Golems instead of Mummies and sacrifice two of the Ghouls for Werewolves. Both player types are great, the Golems can really tie up players and slow down cages as well as blocking paths against weaker teams. The Werewolves are more resilient than a Ghoul and are great Blitzers taking out players regardless of their armour.

Amongst all the more hard hitting teams, they are probably one of the worst at caging initially. They lack either the strength or the initial hitting skills that other teams of this type have. This may prove to be a challenge to deal with as perhaps their play style may involve more of a cross over to a faster running play than a more straight forward hitting style.

For beginners I don’t think they are the best team for the reasons outlined above. Along with the tricky skills the werewolves start with, I feel that they may prove somewhat too complex for a coach just starting out.

Necromantic Horror Team Strengths: #

  • Lots of Regenerate
  • Cheap Linemen

Necromantic Horror Team Weaknesses: #

  • No Ball Handling Skills
  • Expensive Rerolls

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