Dwarf Teams

Dwarfs seem to be ideal Blood Bowl players, being compact, tough, well-armoured and having a stubborn knack of refusing to die! Most successful Dwarf teams work to the principle that if they can take out all the other team’s potential scorers, and wear down the rest, then there won’t be anybody left to stop them scoring the winning touchdowns!

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-12Linemen70k434+5+10+Block, Tackle, Thick SkullGSA
0-2Runner85k633+4+9+Sure Hands, PassGPAS
0-2Blitzer80k533+4+10+Block, Thick SkullGSAP
0-2Troll Slayer95k534+9+Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick SkullGSA
0-1Deathroller170k475+11+Break Tackle, Dirty Player (+2), Juggernaut, Loner (5+), Mighty Blow (+1), No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stand FirmSAG
0-8ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesOld World Classic, Worlds Edge Superleague

Dwarf Team Overview: #

Engarde pasaulis
Dwarf teams

Dwarf teams are probably the most resiliant team in the game. Most of their team has very high armour and they have thick skulls which makes them harder to get off the pitch even if you do manage to break their armour. They also start with some good skills, most the team has block, they have a lot of tackle and the runners are good at picking up the ball. Dwarf teams also have the option of a deathroller which is the strongest peice in the game, though it tends to get sent off by the referree quite a lot!

It isn’t all good for dwarfs though, due to their diminutive stature, dwarf teams are very slow. They are also rather average in the strength department compared to other of the traditional bashing teams. To combat these weakenesses it is important to position your players well or you can quickly find yourself out of position and stranded in the wrong part of the pitch as faster teams run off. Dwarfs also benefit from sticking together to assist each other, also if you are close by to each other should the ball come loose, you should have a lot of players nearby to try and recover it.

For a beginner their slow movement and lack of ball handling skills may be tricky to deal with. The fact that they are hard to get off the pitch though should provide you with a full team most of the time. There are certainly easier options to start out with.

Dwarf Team Strengths: #

  • High armour
  • Thick skull
  • Start with lots of block and tackle
  • Cheap rerolls

Dwarf Team Weaknesses: #

  • Very slow
  • Lack good ball handlers

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