Halfling Teams

The technical deficiency of Halfling teams is legendary. They’re too short to throw or catch, they run at half pace, and the whole team can spend all afternoon trying to block an Ogre without any chance of success. Most Halfling coaches try to make up for quality with quantity. After all, if you can get half a dozen players in the opposing team’s End Zone and, by some miracle, manage to end up with the ball, then there is a small chance that one or two of them won’t be jelly by the time you throw the thing.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-16Hopeful30k523+4+7+Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyAGS
0-2Hefty50k523+3+8+Dodge, Fend, StuntyAPGS
0-2Catcher55k523+5+7+Catch, Dodge, Right Stuff, Sprint, Sure FeetAGS
0-2Altern Forest Treeman120k265+5+11+Mighty Blow (+1), Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team Mate, Timmm-ber!SAGP
0-8ReRolls60kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesHalfling Thimble Cup, Old World Classic

Halfling Team Overview: #

Halflings are the weakest and slowest of all the teams in the game. They are designed to be one of the most challenging races to use and they certainly fulfil that criteria. They can start with two of the strongest players in the game in the guise of Treemen, who at ST6 and AV10 can really hold their own. The teams often make use of a Halfling Master Chef as well, the cooking aroma can put off the other team and enhance the performance of the Halflings by stealing the other teams rerolls. Due to the poor ability of the Halfling players though, they are very cheap to purchase and you can have a lot of them, which is great because you probably will need them!

Onto the bad news and as I hinted at they are a slow team. The numerous Halflings are a nice slow MV5 and the two Treemen have a speedy MV2. Now seeing as you need to MV3 to even stand up, should a Treeman get knocked over you will have to roll to see if they can stand up. The Treemen may on occasion decide to Take Root and not move at all from the square they are in for the rest of the drive. Whilst they can block an area of the pitch off they aren’t hard to avoid either. The Halflings are also weak at ST2, and have a low armour of AV6, combined with being injured easier cause of Stunty, the opposing teams will not have much trouble in removing them from the field. Don’t expect to have a lot of them staying around for a long time. Though you may get one who turns out to be resilient and gain a few skills, this is more the exception than the norm.

As you may have guessed the Halflings are very much not a team for a beginner, unless you really like a challenge and don’t mind losing both games and players on a fairly regular basis. In the right hands though, they can be quite rewarding and it is great when you win games due to the extra humiliation you can heap onto the opposing team and their coach.

Halfling Team Strengths: #

  • Very Cheap Players
  • Two Treemen
  • Can Steal Rerolls
  • Dodge & Stunty

Halfling Team Weaknesses: #

  • Slow
  • Weak
  • Very Fragile

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