Car Wars Character creation

Car Wars Character creation

  • All players start with 0 Prestige. See CWC2.5 pg 57 section on Prestige. Prestige will drop by half at the beginning of the next dueling season.

    • 30 points on Autodueling skills (Driver, Gunner, Mechanic…etc).

    • 50 points on non-autodueling skills (not-Driver, not-Gunner, not-Mech) anything that’s a motorized combat skill.

    • All players start with $250 (recommend they purchase Body Armor).

10/level (max +2 at PC creation)

  • Body Building (see rules below)

  • Cyclist

  • Driver

  • Gunner

  • Handgunner (includes bows & thrown weapons — delete Archery skill)

  • Luck (Rule Change: each level of Luck allows you to reroll one die roll per day)

  • Martial Arts (includes all melee weapons — delete Blade skill)

  • Mechanic (max +3)

  • Paramedic

  • Runner (Base level free)

  • Trucker

5/level (max +2 at PC creation)

  • Acrobatics (good for boarding moving vehicles)

  • Area Knowledge (Base level free in home town. This skill is like d20’s Knowledge (local) skill)

  • Climbing

  • Communications

  • Computer Tech

  • Explosives

  • Fast-Talk (REMOVED THIS SKILL) it encourages bad RP.

  • Stealth

  • Streetwise (REMOVED THIS SKILL) it encourages bad RP.

  • Survival

  • Swimming

  • Theft

  • For more skills see Skills section of CWC2.5 pg 53 (bottom right column).

New Body Building rules: The base level of bodybuilding adds +1 GE to the character’s encumbrance limit. Level one gives the character +1 DP and adds 25 lbs. to the character’s weight. The cycle repeats up to level four, so that the maximum limits for any character is GE 9, DP 5, and weight 200 lbs.