Goblin Teams

A Goblin team’s game plan owes much more to hope than potential. Goblins can make quite good catchers because they are small and agile, but the art of throwing is sadly lost to them, while the chances of their blocking anything larger than a Halfling are remote to say the least. Still, this never seems to bother Goblin players, and occasionally the use of a particularly devious secret weapon will even allow a Goblin team to win a match.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-12Goblin40k623+4+8+Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyAGPS
0-1Bomma45k623+4+8+Bombardier, Dodge, Secret Weapon, StuntyAGPS
0-1Looney40k623+8+Chainsaw, Secret Weapon, StuntyAGS
0-1Fantatic70k373+8+Ball & Chain, No Hands, Secret Weapon, StuntySAG
0-1Pogoer75k723+5+8+Dodge, Pogo Stick, Secret Weapon, StuntyAGPS
0-1‘Ooligan65k623+6+8+Dirty Player (+1), Disturbing Presence, Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyAGPS
0-1Doom Diver60k623+6+8+Right Stuff, Stunty, SwoopAGPS
0-2Trained Troll115k455+5+10+Always Hungry, Loner (3+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team MateSAGP
0-8ReRolls60kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesBadlands Brawl, Bribery and Corruption, Underworld Challenge

Goblin Team Overview: #

Goblin teams are one of the weakest and most challening teams to play. Their players are cheap, weak and break easily. Goblins do however enjoy the biggest access to secret weapons and you will often see them deploying players with things from a chainsaw to a pogo stick. They also have the ability to employ two troll players to help stiffen the team up on the line of scrimmage, as well as giving the threat of a one turn touchdown.

As mentioned, the goblins are weak, have low armour and break easier than most players if you penetrate that armour. Their secret weapon players that are often seen on the pitch, tend to get sent off and trolls aren’t reknown for being reliable. They are fun to play but they are also a challenging team as well. Goblin teams are also known for giving bribes to referees so they can keep their weapons on the pitch, though should this not work, they are cheap enough to be able to have a full bench of substitutes.

The fact that goblins by design are one of the hardest teams to use, they aren’t suited to a beginner unless they are happy enough to try the challenge and have fun with the diversity of the team.

Goblin Team Strengths: #

  • Very cheap players
  • Access to lots of secret weapons
  • Can have two trolls
  • Dodge and Stunty

Goblin Team Weaknesses: #

  • Low strength
  • Low armour
  • Fragile (stunty)
  • Unreliable players

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