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Long ago, driven by a desire for adventure, the Valkyries of the Norse settlement in Lustria sailed away from their men-folk and founded a colony deep within the estuary of the river Amaxon. Now these ferocious warriors have taken to the Blood Bowl pitch – and Nuffle save those who dare play against them!

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-2Thrower75k633+3+8+Dodge, PassGPAS
0-2Catcher75k633+5+8+Catch, DodgeAGS
0-4Blitzers90k633+5+8+Block, DodgeGSA
0-8ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesLustrian Superleague
Amazon team engarde pasaulis

Amazon Team Overview: #

The Amazon team has one great and apparent advantage over most teams and that is that they all start with the Dodge skill. This gives them some versatility with regards to moving players around as well as making them harder to knock over. They also start with four players who come with the Block and Dodge combination. These four Blitzers also have access to strength skills and can be easily loaded up to become very troublesome for teams to deal with. The rest of the team can also be give Block easily and a whole team of Block and Dodge will most often be standing on their feet after being blocked.

It isn’t all good though and some teams, most notably Dwarfs, who have a lot of Tackle skills can negate your biggest advantage. The players are all fragile with AV7 when they do go down as well. Every player has an average stat line, they aren’t fast, they aren’t agile and they aren’t strong. Though they aren’t slow, weak or terrible at handling the ball either. Whilst all your players do have the Dodge skill, that doesn’t mean it is best to do as many dodges as possible, with AG3 you will soon realise there may be better ways forward with this team.

For beginners they make quite a good team, they aren’t really poor in any one area and with the team being rather cheap overall you can afford quite a few players with skills and have a fair few rerolls as well. They can be fairly forgiving in that respect and as they are harder to knock over than most teams, most of them time they will have players for the coach to utilise. That being said leagues with lots of Dwarf and Chaos Dwarf teams may prove to make Amazons a tricky proposition.

Amazon Team Strengths: #

  • Everyone has Dodge
  • Fairly Cheap Players
  • Fairly Cheap Rerolls

Amazon Team Weaknesses: #

  • Low armour
  • Average Stats on Everyone
Engarde pasaulis

Positionals #

0-16Eagle Warrior Linewoman633+4+8+• DodgeGA S50K
0-2Python Warrior Thrower633+3+8+• Dodge
• On the Ball
• Pass
• Safe Pass
0-2Piranha Warrior Blitzer733+5+8+• Dodge
• Hit and Run
• Jump Up
0-2Jaguar Warrior Blocker643+5+9+• Defensive
• Dodge
G SA110K

Special Rules #

  • Lustrian Superleague

Staff #

  • Cheerleader – 10K
  • Assistant Coach – 10K
  • Re-roll – 60K
  • Apothecary – 50K

Starplayers #

  • Akhorne The Squirrel
  • Boa Kon’ssstriktr
  • Dribl and Drull
  • Estelle la Veneaux
  • Glotl Stop
  • Grak and Crumbleberry
  • Grombrindal
  • Helmut Wulf
  • Karla Von Kill
  • Mighty Zug
  • Morg’n Thorg
  • Zolcath the Zoat

Inducements #

New Inducements #

  • Team Mascot – 30K
  • Stunty Superstar (Specialized Mercenary) – 30K
  • Legendary Lineman (Specialized Mercenary) – 50K
  • Brutal Blocker (Specialized Mercenary) – 50K
  • Kari Coldsteel – 50K
  • Medicinal Unguent – 60K
  • Schielund Scharlitan – 90K
  • Reliable Ringer (Specialized Mercenary) – 70K
  • The Trundlefoot Triplets (Biased Referee) – 80K
  • Ayleen Andar – 100K
  • Jorm the Ogre (Biased Referee) – 120K
  • Bona Fide Big Guy (Specialized Mercenary) – 130K
  • Ranulf ‘Red’ Hokuli (Biased Referee) – 130K
  • Horatio X. Schottenheim – 150K
  • Slann Mage-Priest (Wizard) – 200K
  • Giant Mercenary – 350K

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