Dark Elf Teams

Evil beyond belief, skilled without doubt, the Dark Elves take to the pitch to show the world their superiority. Dark Elf teams prefer a malevolent and spiteful running game over the passing of their goodly cousins. Backed up by the ruthless Witch Elves and dangerous assassins, a Dark Elf team has all the tools to power through rather than around any opposition line.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-2Assassin85k732+5+8+Shadowing, StabAGPS
0-2Witch Elf110k732+5+8+Dodge, Frenzy, Jump UpAGPS
0-8ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesElven Kingdoms League

Dark Elf Team Overview: #

Out of the four available Elf teams that you are able to play, Dark Elves are perhaps the most challenging. They favour a running play over the passing play that the other Elves will use more. They don’t have any catchers unlike the others though they are the only one who has the ability to start with four Blitzers. Coupled with the higher armour like the high elves, this gives them the best ability of the four should a fight develop. They also have Witch Elves, who whilst perhaps a little bit fragile, come with three great starting skills.

Dark Elves are the slowest of the four Elf teams and the lack of dedicated catchers does make it harder to build a team really great at passing. Their players are also not exactly cheap as is true of most Elven players.  Some of their players can be tricky to use, the Assassins are unusal and Frenzy can get Witch Elves in trouble. The Dump Off Runner can off load the ball when hit, but does have low armour.

For a beginner team, Dark Elves are mentioned at the end of the rulebook as perhaps needing slightly more advanced skills to coach. This comes down to the pricey players and they don’t start with the passing ability that the other Elf teams do. The fact the Witch Elf also starts with frenzy and without block can lead beginner coaches to getting into trouble with them. They do present a slightly different feel compared to the other Elves and with AG4 they aren’t exactly terrible at moving the ball or dodging when needed.

Dark Elf Team Strengths: #

  • Four AG4 Blitzers
  • Witch Elves
  • Agile

Dark Elf Team Weaknesses: #

  • Expensive
  • Some Low armour players
  • Positionals that can be tricky to use

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