Slann / Kislev Circus Teams

The Slann team is an ancient race of space travellers stranded on our planets many ages ago. After realizing that rescue was never coming they settled down and began ordering the Lizardmen around as their leaders. While most Slann prefer to become fat and lazy lording over the Lizardmen, a few of younger and more energetic members enjoy travelling the realm and playing Blood Bowl. While the Slann have no passing game to speak of, their ability to leap, dive, and intercept are second to none.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-16Lineman60k633+4+9+Pogo Stick, Very Long LegsGAS
0-4Catcher80k722+4+8+Pogo Stick, Very Long Legs, Diving CatchAGSP
0-4Blitzer110k733+4+9+Pogo Stick, Very Long Legs, Diving Tackle, Jump UpAGSP
0-1Kroxigor140k655+10+Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Prehensile Tail, Thick SkullSAG
0-8ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesLustria Superleague

Slann Team Overview: #

Slann Teams currently haven’t been officially updated for the new Blood Bowl 2020 Second Season Rules. The NAF have released a PDF for an updated roster which you can download from NAF Rules for Tournaments 2021 – Fantasy BBL Taisyklės – Engarde – Vaidmenų žaidimai Forumas ( To see the team’s old roster please get this pdf file: New Teams LRB 6 – Fantasy BBL Taisyklės – Engarde – Vaidmenų žaidimai Forumas ( Slann were added to the Blood Bowl 2 computer game, though refashioned to be Kislev Circus using the same rules but with a Bear rather than a Kroxigor.

The most obviously unique point about Slann teams is the amount of Leap and Very Long Legs that they have on their players. This gives them two abilities that really sets them apart from all the other races. First is that they are really hard to pin down due to their Leaping ability which they can all do, the Catchers are especially good at it. They also have the same level of Interception chance as elven players, with their Catchers being the best rookie player in the game at Intercepting. As they can all leap, when they are on offence they can just jump over your defenders, or when on defence they can just jump next to the ball carrier. They can move around the pitch in ways that no other team can from the get go and this can take some time to deal with, for both coaches involved!

The down sides to the Slann are that the team starts with no blocking skills and are very light on the ball handling skills as well. This means they will have games where they burn through rerolls very quickly, or lose players if they get stuck in a game of attrition. The other thing to consider is that Leap has no skill which allows you to reroll failures. If you jump around with the whole team all the time you will eventually suffer turnovers. While the Catchers leap on a 2+ the rest of the team requires a 3+ and with only team rerolls available for failures this can make the difference should you need the reroll for a block, dodge or a go for it.

I would really suggest beginners look elsewhere, they are a very tricky team to coach if you are new to the game. Even experienced coaches may have trouble adjusting to a team that is lacking core starting skills and dealing with all those players with Leap. On the plus side not many coaches will have faced them yet, so you can spring some surprises with the team.

Slann Team Strengths: #

  • Very Manoeuvrable
  • Good at Intercepting
  • Unusual Tactics
  • Cheap Rerolls

Slann Team Weaknesses: #

  • Start without Core Skills
  • Unusual Tactics
  • No Passing Access

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