Cosmos: Age of Sail – Star Map of Charted Space

The Stellar Atlas for the Age of Sail. The 49 Subsectors of Charted space from Sol in the centre through the surrounding Colonial and Frontier rings to the outermost only partially explored Beyond Sectors. Use, enlarge, explore and copy at your leisure.

Don’t miss Cosmos: Age of Sail Charted Space the core setting featuring all 49 subsectors and essential background detail; Cosmos: Age of Sail Vega a detailed subsector, world, city, district and scenario and the Cosmos: Age of Sail Companion featuring expanded character creation options with guides to the most powerful players in Humanspace and to the alien races of Beyond – the Mur, Suathi and Kewothan. For referees only don’t forget to pick up Cosmos: Age of Sail Classified for secrets and adventuring ideas.

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